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  • Naresh

    I am looking for this too.

  • Tareq

    Would it be possible to implement a horizontal line tool that goes across the entire chart at the clicked price level and continues as the chart updates? Thanks. 

  • Andrew Sevin

    Tareq, if you double click on the line and open the line editor and check the box "A ray?" it continues going out to the right even as the chart updates.  Can you confirm this is what you are looking for?

  • Tareq

    That's it-thank you very much!

  • Robert Spencer

    I would like to see the ability to draw boxes, and to have the ability to have them filled with color in the background or not filled with color. While your at it add Ellipses also, I'm sure some would use those as well. 

  • Cathyharbour

    I also would like a shaded rectangle and an extending rectangle  to draw levels across the charts.

  • Cathyharbour

    Also please and indicator that automatically plots the big figure prices - the 50's and 00's.  Would need to be able to be customized so that for instance on gold you could mark out the 10 levels - 1260, 1270, 1280 etc.

  • Brian Weis


    In our next release you will be able to select a rectangle drawing tool from the Drawing Tools menu on the chart:

    Once selected, click once to set the start point, click again to set the end point:

    Double click on the rectangle border to bring up a configuration modal where you will be able to change fill color and opacity, border colors and styling:

  • Brian Weis

    In our upcoming release we will be adding the ellipse tool.  The shapes will be moved to a menu section. 

    Drawing and adjusting the colors for the ellipse will work just as they do for the rectangle tool.


  • Brian Weis

    Added Customizable Fibonacci levels to the last release

  • Jason Dinkel

    Do we have a thread with anybody that would like to see Median Lines  (Andrews, Schiff, Modified Schiff, Inside Schiff) aka Pitchforks available on the platform?

    They are available on TradingView (which is now integrated with Tradovate), but TradingView doesn't allow tick/trade charts (although recently they added sub-minute charts as a premium feature).

    John Ftseman example on a 377 trade chart (SierraChart): https://youtu.be/cRNsV0bzpsM

    Tim Morge example from a CME video: https://youtu.be/kljVx7pBg5E

    Johnny Nguyen has a nice video showing how easy it is to draw them on TradingView: https://youtu.be/Beuhb_kfi1o


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