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  • jgcmt

    Another "hotkey" would be hitting the delete button on the keyboard to remove drawing tools that I have created on the chart.  As an example, I've selected a trend line that already exists.  I currently have to get the pop-up and click "remove".  It would be much quicker if I could just click delete on the keyboard to remove that trend line, moving average, or whatever I've selected. 

  • AC

    Another hotkey idea is one to switch workspaces, in the order in which they present in the "Add Modules" section.  

  • Derek

    Definitely a +1 for customizeable hotkeys. I'd like to map hotkeys for:

    * placing limit orders at bids/offers

    * placing limit orders above/below bids/offers by variable amounts

    * canceling orders

    * re-centering all DOMs (a soon to be requested feature :)) 

    * flattening a position

    I know there are other things I want to map to hotkeys, but those are the ones that stand out at the moment.


  • Caacapital

    better yet customizable hot keys for all trading and drawing functions

  • matthew2811

    Another platform I have used has the ability to cancel the last entered trade, as well as the normal cancel all trades. Also keys to raise or lower the last order by a tick at a time. So one can try to buy the Bid for instance but if the Offer starts to fall away it is quicker to tap the order up in to the Offer with the keyboard than to try and do it with the mouse. Also as already said, a key to re-centre the DOM.

  • Brian Weis


    I just wanted to send through an update of our progress with hotkeys.  I wanted to give you an overview of our current approach (currently in an internal build) and get your feedback.  

    Initially, we will be looking to support current functionality.  I understand that there are a number of requests in this thread for additional functionality that we don't currently support, but, we can start to prioritize those additional functions and layer those in after we push out this initial framework.

    Current Approach:

    A menu Item to access Hotkeys setup will be added to "Application Settings"

    Clicking on the blue hotkey link next to a function will bring up a dialog box allowing you to enter a key sequence to save

    Because Tradovate has modules inside a workspace (as compared to some platforms that run inside separate windows, or, simulate individual windows inside a layout), we make "stacks" active for accepting hotkey commands.  Think of a stack as a module or group of modules tabbed together.  To "turn on" hotkeys for a stack, we've added an "H" icon to the tab menu area.  Hovering over the stack will display this new function:

    Only one stack can be active at a time for hot keys.  The active stack will display an active hotkey indicator just to the left of the first tab in the stack.  Setting a different stack as active will deactivate the previous stack.  Clicking the "H" again (or the hotkey indicator to the left of the stack) will "turn off" hotkeys

    Since the ESU7 5M chart is the active tab in this stack any hotkey sequence pressed will perform the mapped function on this module.  In this case when I press Shift+B a Buy Market order is triggered

  • jgcmt

    Looks like a great start to a needed feature!!!

  • Caacapital

    that's a good start but having a join the bid/ask, cancel bid/ask

  • Derek

    Hi Brian - Thanks for the update on this feature request and the progress your team is making on this feature. I also appreciate the explanation of how Tradeovate uses stacks and how that will affect the way hotkeys will work. Makes sense to me, as you would usually want to make sure the hotkey is triggering an action in the desired space (i.e. on your ESU7 5m chart and not on your NQU7 DOM). And if I understand you correctly, it's as simple as clicking into a different stack/module to activate hotkeys for that stack as long as it is the active tab.

    It's definitely encouraging to see the thoughtful effort you guys are putting into this feature and I look forward to seeing it in the wild :)

    Take care -


  • Lorenzo

    Hello Brian,

    I think the approach is ok.

    It is also good the set the keyboard shortcut on and off to avoid pressing some key in the wrong moment.

    The stack point it could be a problem for who trades with more instruments on different charts at the same time and have to make quick operations.

    I was wondering also if you will add a "join the bid" and "join the offer" shortcut.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  • Brian Weis


    We have quite a few requests for "Join Bid" "Join Offer".

    We added this to the dev queue this morning.  It will be available via button on the DOM/Chart as well as from the hotkeys.

    Thanks again!

  • Brian Weis

    Another quick update.

    We recently added functions for "Join Bid/Join Ask" in the Chart trade mode and DOM:

    We also added configuration for these functions in Hotkeys:

    Currently we're planning this release for 9/10/17

  • Lorenzo

    You are amazing guys!!

  • Lorenzo

    By the way, If I may suggest another shortcut, it would be perfect to have some keys to control the number of contract to execute. Ex: num1 = N contracts, num2 = N contracts.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • matthew2811

    As well as the Join the Bid and Ask it would be nice to have hotkeys to place a limit to buy at the Ask or a limit to sell on the Offer. There are market orders but in thinner markets it would be nice to have keys less passive than Joining, but not as aggressive as tapping in a market order in a thin product.

  • matthew2811

    Can you consider adding a keyboard shortcut to centre the DOM, or include an option to recenter the DOM after a user specified amount of ticks. At the moment the DOM doesn't recenter until the current price is at the top or bottom of the DOM which means keyboard traders on thinner instruments need to frequently move off the keyboard and back to the mouse to recenter the DOM to be able to see the order book above price when it is at the top, or below price when it is at the bottom of the DOM.

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