Indicators check for complete data before being drawn




  • Brian Weis

    We will be implementing a change allowing the user to set the minimum number of bars to load into a chart.  We will keep this thread updated as this change progresses

  • Brian Weis

    This feature has been added to release 1.190607.0.  To ensure your chart will load a sufficient amount of data to cover the maximum periods specified in your indicator settings:

    Open the "Configure Chart Elements" menu and Select the Symbol and Time period menu item for your chart

    A settings modal will open.  At the bottom of this modal you will be able to set the Minimum "Number of Bars to Load"

    When this is set whenever your chart reloads data it will request at least the number of bars set in this field.  Your chart will load either this value or the number of bars your chart is zoomer to (whichever is greater)

  • Kat

    Fantastic!  Thanks very much!  This is a real time saver. 

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