Continuous Contract or back adjustest contract




  • Gigo

    Unable to draw monthly S/R lines without being able to go back a few months.

  • Brian Weis

    We will be adding a continuous contract type to the platform in an upcoming release.  I will keep this thread updated with details

  • cthamrun

    Will the continuous contracts have an option to be not back adjusted?

  • Brian Weis

    Or initial release will not back adjust.

  • cthamrun

    Thank you for the reply. Will there be an option to keep it not back adjusted? It would be great to have a toggle between back adjusted and non back adjusted for continuous charts.

  • Brian Weis

    Hi cthamrun,

    We will monitor user feedback to determine if we will add any back adjusting.  Initially, we will not.

  • Brian Weis

    Just a quick update.

    Over the weekend of 3/30 - 3/31 we will be making continuous contracts available in the Trader.

    To chart a continuous contract you will simply need to search for the product you would like to chart.  The continuous contracts will be prefixed with an "@" symbol and have the word "Continuous" in the description.  So, you should be able to find them using these in the search box:
    The continuous contracts will support all the existing functions in our charts (except for trading)
    Users will have access to the historical data we have in storage (back to 1/1/2017)

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