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  • Brian Weis

    Hi Derek,

    We're discussing this enhancement request.  I wanted to run one idea past you (and others who may have voted for this).  

    We have 2 approaches we're talking through:

    1. The one that you suggested above where there will be an indicator showing up/down movement based on the change
    2. Another approach that we were talking about would be to show the movement of the last "x" ticks as a column on the quote board (say 10 for example) visually.  Something like this:

    Let us know what you think.

    Thanks again for submitting the request!

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  • Derek

    Hi Brian - 

    Thanks for the update and sharing some of the ways you guys are looking at implementing the request. The way you proposed is definitely interesting to me. If implemented, would the number of ticks be configurable? For example, I might just want to see the last few fluctuations, maybe 3, while someone else may prefer seeing the last 10 fluctuations. 

    In any case, I'm very interested to see how it comes together and would be more than happy to help test it :D

    Thanks & take care -


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  • Stuart

    Hi Brian

    I think your suggested Option 2, with the ability to set the 'X' ticks change per instrument is a winner.

    That will help when looking at instruments with different volatility on the Quote Board.

    How far away is either of the above options from being released? I see your post was almost a year ago.





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  • Brian Weis

    This will be added in version 1.181207. 

    It will follow the same coloring logic as our unfiltered Tick Stream.  It can be added as a column to the quote board:

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