Automatically Rolling General Contracts




  • Patrick

    Also a way to tell which month and year of the specific contract would be good.   Today I was trading ESU7 and realized volume was very low and did Google search to find out it was old SEPT 17 contract.

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  • Brian Weis


    We are implementing a feature that will notify users of the condition where the volume of the contract in your workspace is < the volume of the next expiration.  It will work like this:

    • When the user logs in, we will scan the current workspace for all the contracts the user has loaded
    • We will compare the Volume for those contracts against the next(upcoming expiration)
    • If Current contract volume > Next expiration volume do nothing
    • If Current contract volume < Next expiration volume show this in an informational modal

    The modal will look like the below (note the volume filtering is turned off in this screenshot)

    We plan on adding this new feature to our next release, which should be early August.  You will see it in the release notes once available.  

    Thanks Again!

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