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  • Brad Criswell

    With Version 1.200501.0  we have introduced an option for users to change the Audio Notification sounds.  Notifications now have a new menu option in the Application Settings.  This area will display and allow a user to change from our default order notification sounds to a number of other options. 

    In the Trader, under Application Settings > Notifications > Audio Notifications you will see a list of the Audio Notifications that have the option set a sound or change the default from the blue link:

    If the sound is on, the blue link will show your current sound which is either the “Default” or the name of a chosen sound.  The blue link is clickable to open the list of sounds.  Once clicked, you can view our new list of sounds and play the sound for you to choose which you like:

    We used some general sounds, but would open to suggestions for other options.

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  • TradrDude

    I like the addition of additional sounds...but most of the new sounds, IMHO, are rather obnoxious.

    It would be great if we could upload our own custom sounds. Is that possible?


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  • Geoffrey_

    I totally agree.  I'm glad we can change the sounds now.  But the options are horrible.  I'm looking for something a little more understated.

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