Pivot Points ON DOM




  • Brian Weis


    Added this comment to the wrong request originally


    We will be releasing a DOM settings function that will allow you "Show Chart Indicators"

    When enabled any indicators on a visible chart for the same symbol as your DOM will show in an "Indicators" column on the DOM.  This would allow you to show your Pivot Points, or any other indicator you would like

    This function will also allow you to show indicators from multiple time frames if you have multiple time frame charts open.  Here you can see a daily moving average along with the pivot points.  Mousing over the indicator will display which chart timeframe it is from.

  • Ollie Anderson

    as far as i can tell you can only use this feature if the DOM and Chart are in the same window. personally i like all my DOMs in one window and charts in a separate window. will it become possible to use across windows, that would be great.

  • Brian Weis


    That is correct.  Currently, this feature does limit you to having the DOM/Chart(s) combination in one window.  We do have an enhancement planned to allow this across windows in the downloadable.  I'll keep you posted with the progress on that.

    Thanks Again

  • Brian Weis

    This feature will now pull in indicator values from other windows in the standalone which are popped out.

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