Bid Ask Chart - Display Delta Values and Volume Imbalances




  • Brian Weis

    This new feature will be included in Tradovate version 1.180216.0

  • Xprosper

    This feature shows very interesting numbers, but how to use these for trading decisions? Will there be any advice?
    In 2015 I bought " Order Flow Advantage Course" from Troy Epperson

    and could not take any "advantage" of it. He explained exactly how to read the volume inside of candles and what to do wit it, great, except of the results ...

    Any plans or handy tips?

  • Traders Anonymous

    Any ability to do a cumulative delta?

  • Brian Weis

    Hi Traders Anonymous,

    There is a Cumulative Delta indicator available in the platform.  It can be found in the chart under Indicators>Volume-based:

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