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  • Leonardo Turcott

    Hi Brian,


    If you guys could add MFE and MAE it would be GREAT! There is already a request posted.



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  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks Leonardo.

    We are evaluating the inclusion of theses metrics and will keep the forum updated

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  • Permanently deleted user

    In version 1.191129.0 we've introduced a couple of new features

    In addition to the existing functionality that allows you to filter your trading performance by clicking on the tab and typing in a symbol, you can now link your Performance Center to a quote board by setting the color indicator to the same color as the quote board

    In addition, we've added a link to the Performance Report from the Performance Center module.  If you would like to see performance for a wider window of history, you can run the Performance Report with additional date parameters

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  • MrNQ

    This looks great. A more compact version of the existing report performance.

    I would second the request for MFE and MAE to be added. I need to use Jigsaw for that now.

    There is one big problem with the report though (I posted this 6 months ago and nothing has been done).


    Tradovate is recording my single trade as multiple trades. For example, one single trade with 10 contracts is being recorded as 7 separate trades. This means all performance data is useless from this point onward. I don't use the performance report because this issue hasn't been fixed. I would much appreciate someone looking at it.

    Thank you

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  • Aaron Gose

    Thank you so much for this new item! The performance center is a huge addition to help me learn more about myself and my trading history! I'm excited to see what small tweaks are made over the next few months!

    Aaron Gose
    Co-Founder and COO

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