Stop DOM from jumping around


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  • Jason Dinkel

    Yeah. That can happen with high volatility.
    A lock might be nice but I can see searching through the forum that people also want to DOM to float to the current price.

    Here’s an idea I posted elsewhere as well. Use the profiles in Chrome to setup multiple zoom levels for the fonts. Make one of your profiles a big picture view of the DOM by zooming out so far that it allows the price to move inside your expected range without going on and off the screen. The font may be super small depending on the size and resolution of your monitor.

    Hope that helps. Otherwise, use the chart trading mode. It’s really nice and lets you move the entries and stops quickly over large ranges that may be frustrating with a DOM view. Then you can find tune them as you need from the DOM.

    And yes, a lock view might be nice if the DEV team can make that easy to turn on and off quickly or offer a lock view like in Tradingview where it shows a timer before adjusting the screen. This way you can place your orders safely knowing that the view is going to update in a few seconds or perhaps offer a recenter/lock button.

    That is another option for you... use tradingview. The integration is really nice and the monthly price isn’t unreasonable. Or hookup Sierra Chart to Tradovate, which is really nice but costs more for the integration.

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